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Environment and Sustainability


Welcometo the environment and sustainability homepage for the University of Aalborg .

The page is under construction and will be updated.

Here you will be able to find information on how you can take part in the work on environment and sustainability at the university.

You can also find contact information on the environment employees and read about news and events.

If you have ideas or questions pleas send a mail to miljoe@adm.aau.dk

The largest direct environmental impacts from Aalborg University is our electricity consumption and waste, here we still have room for improvement, thats why we continuously launches projects to address these.

We also have a huge opportunity to improve the environment in a more indirect way - namely through our research and courses, as well as through the influence of our staff and students in daily thinking environment-friendly and sustainability.

All companies ar met by larger demands on environmental efforts and sustainability, resulting in requirements of better skills for all grups employees. Companies are competing on the work on environment and sustainability it has and a major economic impact on businesses. Therefor it is a natural part of every employee's daily work.

Students who are thinking environment and sustainability into their problem solutions, has a great value for those companies.
It is therefore a natural part of university life that we all need to think environment and sustainability into our work and studies.